News Summary – June 22, 2015



Some of these stories were found in my curated newswire:

Home sales and prices are surging, with prices near their 2006 peak. Will it continue or is this a sign or a bubble ready to burst?

Roughly half of the U.S. population is overweight, but within that group, more people are now considered obese than just merely overweight.

In Poland, drones will deliver abortion pills to women.

Authoritarianism rising as democracy declines in over half of United Nations’ member states.

Climate scientists confirm that a ‘new normal’ exists the state of the atmosphere and the weather that it is capable of creating.

Proposed (U.S.) legislation would “authorize the creation of a federal database of all college students, complete with their personally identifiable information, tracking them through college and into the workforce, including their earnings, Social Security numbers, and more.”

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