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On January 29th, French lawmaker Laurence Abeille (Europe Ecologie-Greens) made history when her law regulating public exposure to radiofrequency radiation was adopted. The law (2) “on sobriety, transparency, information and consultation for exposure to electromagnetic waves” is the first such law in France and Ms. Abeille thinks the first in Europe at a national level.

The bill bans all wireless devices in “spaces dedicated to the care, resting and activities of children under 3 years,” primarily nurseries and daycare centers. In primary schools, wi-fi will be off by default and turned on only when no alternative is available. Within the next year, the national government will produce a report about people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity and microwave ‘hot spots’ will need to have their levels reduced.

Laurence Abeille
     Laurence Abeille

Although significantly watered down from her original version filed two years ago, Ms. Abeille feels this is a very important first step to protecting the people of France, and especially children, from uncertain but potentially serious health effects from constant microwave exposure. We have a detailed discussion about the law, the struggle to get it passed, her plans to make sure it is properly implemented and how she wants to continue working on this issue.


3 thoughts on “Author of new French radiofrequency protection law speaks

  1. Radio waves and microwaves are lower energy frequencies than visible light. Admittedly, they do interact differently with the body (can go further), however, is there any theoretical basis as to how these frequencies might interact with the body in a harmful way ? Our bodies naturally emit infrared, microwave ( and, to a small extent, radiowaves ), because of our temperature.

    1. Dear Mr. Nicol,

      Indeed, we are bio-electric beings, but the amount of man-made radiation we are now exposed to is many, many, many times higher (to the 18th power, I believe) than our natural state.

      Scientists have recently discovered wi-fi radiation is interfering with our cell-to-cell communication via the voltage gated calcium channels, and the outcome is a proliferation of very harmful free-radicals called peroxy nitrite that destroy DNA.

      Additionally, in the wee hours of the night, the pineal gland within our brain is meant to release melatonin, whose job in part is to clean up free-radicals in our system. Unfortunately, the pineal gland cannot distinguish between natural light and the light energy from microwave radiation.

      So, when we have wi-fi or cellular devices emitting radiation in our sleeping areas, the pineal gland does not release melatonin properly, and the free-radicals gain free reign in our bodies which is causing a host of accute and chronic illness today.

      Worse, perhaps, is as you may know, controlled microwave radiation is use in medicine to stimulate growth of bones, stem cells, etc. In the unshielded, overexposed way we are now using microwave radiation for the convenience of wireless data transmission with wi-fi and cellular technology, it promotes the growth of free-radicals in our bodies.

      Initial research by PÁL PACHER, JOSEPH S. BECKMAN, and LUCAS LIAUDET (, and more recently MARTIN PALL ( , will bring you up-to-date, as will other scientists who have done work with the free-radical, peroxynitrite.

      I hope that helps. I am a parent who first learned about potential harm from wi-fi a few years ago, and I have removed wi-fi from my home and use my cell phone sparingly. I am also working with our public school system to put precautionary procedures in place, with our library to help educate the public, and with our legislature to begin informing the public at the state level.

      Please feel free to peruse my research repository for additional information. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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