That Smartphones Affect the Brain Isn’t Really News



It’s been known for decades that microwave radiation affect brain and other living tissue. A BBC report that University of Zurich scientists, investigating activity in zones related to touch with the thumb, forefinger and middle finger, have ‘discovered‘ brain changes among smartphone users, is of no significance.

It’s pretty astonishing that this counts as news when little is publicized about the over 200 studies going back nearly 30 years demonstrating actual health related impacts to brain tissue from exposure to microwave radiation. There are several thousands of other studies looking at health impacts to the rest of your body. Several chapters of The Bioinitiative Report focus or touch on brain effects from microwave radiation.

Ground-breaking Swedish researcher Lennart Hardell has repeatedly found significant (brain) cancer risk associated with cell phone use. His team’s latest paper “confirm a statistically significant increased risk for glioma” which is a brain / spine cancer originating in glial cells.

glioma incidence risk Hardell 2014The risk for developing glioma increased after “time from first use of the wireless phone and number of hours [of] use over the years.” After 10 years of cell phone use, you would be 1.5 times more likely to develop glioma; users of 25 years or more had triple the normal risk. Other research has found decreased survival rates in patients who develop glioblastoma multiform from use of cellular and cordless phones.

What if we end up creating a persistent increase in brain cancers among people only 30 years old? Is the convenience of cell phones and wi-fi worth that? Have we already witnessed the beginning of a surge in brain cancers from widespread wireless use?

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    1. I feel like you entirely missed the point of my post, which is that the changes described in the BBC article and underlying research are insignificant and not newsworthy when compared against the rarely discussed health effects of microwave radiation.

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