Measure 92 Recount Appears Likely



Update 7:30 pm

The margin has shrunk by another 20%, down to just under 1100 votes and a margin of 0.08%. Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown said it is unlikely she would order a recount before the first week of December.

141121 430pm OR M92 votes

Original post – 3:15 pm

New numbers this hour show that the margin between sides on Measure 92 are within 0.1% of each other, half of what’s needed to force an automatic recount.

141121 2pm OR M92 votes

While The Oregonian called this race the morning after Election Day (and they still stand by it), almost no other media outlet would do so independently. And in the last two weeks, there has been scarce coverage of the race…until the last 48 hours. Now OPB, KGW, KPTV, KOIN and the Statesman Journal are all reporting that a recount is likely. The Oregon Right to Know campaign also says a recount is assured. A spokesperson for the ‘No on 92’ campaign remains confident that the measure will fail.

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