What Really Causes Hunger? – Anuradha Mittal

Anuradha Mittal, 12/2/99 Seattle, WA
Anuradha Mittal, 12/2/99 Seattle, WA

Anuradha Mittal, founder and executive director of the Oakland Institute, is an internationally renowned expert on trade, development, human rights and agriculture issues. She has authored and edited numerous books and reports and her articles and opinion pieces have been published in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Bangkok Post, Houston Chronicle, and the Nation. Anuradha has addressed the U.S. Congress, United Nations, given several hundred keynote addresses, and has been interviewed on CNN, BBC World, CBC, ABC, Al-Jazeera, National Public Radio and Voice of America.

Anuradha was on my show multiple times. In this interview, we talk about how it is often food distribution problems and not production issues causing hunger, why countries refuse food aid and the Oakland Institute’s new report Sahel: A Prisoner of Starvation.

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