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3/24/99 – Pat Mooney, genetically modified foods

1/5/00 – Winona LaDuke, reconciliation and assessing where we are

9/13/00 – Howard Zinn, on disobedience and democracy.

11/6/02 – George Carlo, cell phone dangers

10/8/03 – Gavin Menzies, 1421: The Year China Discovered America//

4/5/06 – Antonia Juhasz, The Bush Agenda for Iraq

2/7/07 – Anuradha Mittal, hunger, food aid

4/9/08 – Amy & David Goodman, Standing Up to the Madness

10/28/98 – Margrete Strand Rangnes, Multilateral Agreement on Investment


I produced and hosted a weekly public affairs radio program on KBOO Community Radio from August 1997 until May 2008.  My start ‘in radio’ occurred in January 1997 when I started producing weekly news stories at KBOO.  I will upload these progressively.

Later that Summer, Paul Roland, the host of ‘Voice of Cascadia’ asked me if I would like to be the substitute host for him during an extended absence.  Paul had been doing the show for many years and did a great job giving a voice to direct action activists across the country.  I was totally excited and terrified at having 30 minutes of live radio each week.  Producing news stories is much different than hosting a live program.  After getting over my initial fears, I realized that I really enjoyed having the chance for longer conversations on the topic/s at hand.

In January 2000, I renamed the show to ‘People Rise Up,’ stating that it would “explore issues related to inter-human and -species fairness, preservation of the biosphere, and inclusive, participatory democratic self-organization to counter the dictatorial, military-industrial-corporate octopus.”

I stuck with it as long as I could.  I typically put 10-15 hours per week into producing each program until changes in life circumstances caused me to voluntarily cease production in 2008.  I simply didn’t have the time to produce the show the way I wanted to, so figured I should give someone else a chance.  To this day, I continue doing random substitutions here and there.

While all of these interviews were originally broadcast live, I have edited them here to tighten them and remove irrelevant or dated info (announcements, calls to action…) so you will have a better listening experience. Each page has more of a written description.

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