Threats from Cell Phones & Wifi – Martin Blank & Dafna Tachover


martin blankScience has shown that electromagnetic radiation causes a variety of harmful biological effects for scores of years.  Yet, the wireless industry has been very effective at casting doubt at causation, much like the tobacco industry before it.

I spoke with Martin Blank about his new book Overpowered: What Science Tell Us About the Dangers of Cell phones and Other Wifi-Age Devices. In it he explains, in easy-to-understand language, the science of how these effects occur, what happens with extended exposure and how the ‘business’ dafna tachoverof science skews data.

Then Israeli attorney Dafna Tachover and I discuss her successful case at the Israeli Supreme Court against the Israeli government to demand that they remove all wifi from Israeli public schools. Follow her blog at EHS Fight Back.

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