Other Audio


The content linked below are projects other than my regular weekly show that I hosted, produced and / or recorded.  These are mostly self-contained, although I will also post some talk radio shows and stand-alone interviews which were broadcast as part of another program.


September 2014 – James Barrat, Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era

May 2014 – Ralph Nader

May 2014 – Martin Blank & Dafna Tachover

October 2013 – Barrie Trower & Dr. Martin Pall

May 2013 – Magda Havas & Michael Bevington

September 2011 – Charles Mann

December 2010 – Chris Hedges

October 2007 – Bill McKibben

November 2002 – Vandana Shiva

September 2002 – Michael Ruppert & Michel Chossudovsky

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