Stop Smart Meters Nevada County

(L,R) Microwave transmitting meter, analog meter.
(L,R) Microwave transmitting meter, analog meter.

Concerned citizens in Nevada County (CA) have formed a chapter of Stop Smart Meters (SSM). Their goals include educating local residents about the health and safety risks associated with these microwave transmitting utility meters and removal of all smart meters from Nevada County. Fifty seven California governments have already expressed their opposition to smart meter installation in their jurisdictions. There is widespread and growing global protest of smart meters.

Heather Lane, a founder of SSM in Nevada County, was interviewed Monday July 28, 2014 by the news department of KVMR, a community radio station in Nevada City, CA.

3 thoughts on “Stop Smart Meters Nevada County

  1. I would like to know the best way to go about getting the smart meter on my house replaced by an analog meter. Is there a model letter addressing any legal terminology, etc. that I could use?
    What has been the experience of others who have had this request. Does PG&E comply? Is there a charge?
    Thanks for all you’re doing to protect our county!

    1. Dear Cathy Wilford,
      Has anyone from Stop Smart Meters of Nevada County gotten in touch with you to answer your questions? I am one of the group’s volunteers. My name is Darlene Engebretsen. If you want to e-mail me with your telephone number I can answer some questions. send the e-mail to my attention

  2. Boil the Frog Slowly with Sandra Chianfoni

    SpeakUpandStayAlive’s channel

    Worldwide HUM caused by Smart Meter Technology and RF 2 way communication on power-lines.

    Video Link:

    Published on Feb 8, 2015
    Sandra Chianfoni – Environmental EMR Research/investigator and Advocate, has investigated the noise pollution known as “The HUM”, which is exposing the public worldwide to this health hazard. Have YOU heard the HUM?

    On September of 2006 the electric utility company, National Grid put a smart meter on our home without our knowledge or consent. We felt the physical negatives symptoms immediately and it only got worse the longer we were exposed to the radiation and noise. We filed numerous formal complaints which launched an investigation by the Massachusetts State Regulatory agencies only to be stonewalled every step of the way to them eventually closing the case without proper justification.
    All of our complaints we initial filed prior to 2008 preceded our knowledge of the smart meter being on our home or awareness of what the Smart Grid Technology is.
    The smart meter was finally removed with a mechical meter in July of 2012. The heart palpitations, vertigo, nose bleeds, migraines have not returned since the removal of the smart meter!

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