Faraday Cafe


The Faraday Cafe is a short-lived social experiment developed by artist Julien Thomas.  This news story, the only US coverage on this unique project, was broadcast July 14th, 2014 by KBOO Radio in Portland, OR.


You can hear the entire edited 15-minute interview below.

3 thoughts on “Faraday Cafe

  1. I hope they will start doing this in more places. It would be great ifsomeonedid this in the U.S. Of course they would be painted as ‘nuts’ if they did. Maybe it wouild bring some interest to this topic here. Thanks for the great reporting!

  2. Hello,
    Your Faraday café is an excellent initiative that we believe will be taken up by persons in other parts of the world. People sensitive to EM radiation need a waves-free place to escape to in the urban environment. You are right to say that we have to raise more awareness among the general public, who remain very ignorant about potential health risks of EM radiation. This is one very good way to do so. Thank you and good luck to you!

    Member, ARA – http://www.alerte.ch – Swiss advocacy group for safer wireless

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