Lewi Longmire Interview 12/6/14



Lewi Longmire
            Lewi Longmire

Last December 6th, KBOO Grateful Dead & Friends hosted a special live broadcast featuring several local bands playing in the studio to help with fund raising.

They were Lewi Longmire, Scott Law, Fruition and the Garcia Birthday Band. Each played some original material and Grateful Dead covers and were interviewed by one of the hosts. I spoke with everyone but Fruition and will post all of those interviews, usually enhanced by some music related to the conversation. Each will also link to all of the others.

Lewi, Portland’s multi-instrumentalist ‘go-to’ guy, was up first. He has played with several national acts, like Michael Hurley, the Minus 5 and Breathe Owl Breathe. He’s also a staple at numerous Portland venues and in many local bands including Denver, The Portland Country Underground and the Left Coast Roasters. So, where does Lewi play?

We spoke about how The Grateful Dead influenced his guitar playing and songwriting, what he loves about their songs, his current bands and how the Portland music scene struggles to maintain its attractiveness and accessibility for small lesser known bands.

Lewi Longmire interviewed on KBOO, 12/6/14 

Embedded Grateful Dead songs are from 6/4/70, 12/12/69 & 5/26/72 in playback order.

I’ll post my interviews with Scott Law and the Garcia Birthday Band shortly, so check back.

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