The Economics of Happiness – Manish Jain – Modern Schooling: Crime Against Humanity?


Manish JainThis episode is the first of many to highlight content from the 2015 Economic of Happiness conference, presented by Local Futures. Their goal is shift the economy’s focus away from unrelenting growth, to meeting real human and ecological needs. To do so, we need a radically different paradigm, which must start with how we educate children.

This is the view of Manish Jain who spoke on ‘Western-style schooling, Unemployment and Cultural Breakdown.’ He went from fully believing that modern schooling could solve all the world’s problems to now viewing it as a root of these same problems. He thought the educational system was merely broken and that if it just needed fixing. However he now understands it as “a well running machine for destroying the human conscience, deep human connections and diverse human creativity.” He further asserts that “modern schooling is one of the greatest crimes against humanity.”

He talks about how the Millennium Development goals and the new sustainable development goals, despite their best intentions, perpetuate the same “monoculture of the mind” that got us to this point. He very pointedly asks “whose knowledge matters and how do we make space for a genuine dialogue between different ways of knowing?” His genial, engaging presentation makes his sometimes very challenging and difficult ideas easy to embrace.


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