Author Annie Jacobsen on Operation Paperclip, Bringing Nazi Scientists to America

operation paperclip jacketOperation Paperclip was a U.S. plan to bring Nazi scientists stateside at the end of WW2 to exploit their knowledge in several fields. German scientists achieved unparalleled advances in aeronautics, rocketry and chemical and biological weaponry.

No one has written a more authoritative history of this than Annie Jacobsen in Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America. She incorporates information from U.S. and German archives and scores of books, government reports, articles and first-hand interviews and correspondence, to present a highly detailed look at how fears of the next war overshadowed atrocities committed in the one that just ended. We discuss in great detail the program’s origins, some of the key people, some of the results and what is still to be discovered about this shameful part of U.S. (and German) history.

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