3 thoughts on “News Story – Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space

  1. Dr. Marty Ross mentions that CO2 emissions from rocket launches would be negligible compared to CO2 contributions from civil aviation. Nice try Marty. (Not!) The issue isn’t CO2 from rockets. It’s the fact that these rockets use exotic fuels and chemicals that punch massive holes in the ozone layer. The payloads discussed in the video broadcast a known pulsed RF carcinogen onto EVERY LIVING ORGANISM on the surface of the planet. Do you have a death wish?

    Just more PR lies from overpaid pricks in suits…

    1. Thanks for listening to and commenting on my story Paul.

      Dr. Ross is well aware of the effects to stratospheric ozone from rocket launches, having been a leading researcher on the topic for nearly 30 years now and key to getting the Montreal Protocol signed. Here’s a couple of interesting relevant articles on these points.

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