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no wifiThis a very brief teaser of a much bigger update to happen soon.

For over three years, Israeli attorney Dafna Tachover has been suing the state of Israel to remove Wi-Fi from Israeli schools due to health concerns and children suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. She’s used a special petition that goes straight to the Supreme Court, which has seemed receptive to her arguments thus far, granting a preliminary (but not intermediate) injunction.

On February 11th at a ‘final’ hearing, the Court was unhappy to learn that the government lied, asserting that the Ministry of Education’s position on Wi-Fi in schools was in compliance with recommendations from the both the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environmental Protection. So the Court immediately demanded affidavits from both ministries by February 26th, at which point Dafna will have 15 days to respond.

A final decision could arrive in March. If in favor of the plaintiffs, it would be a groundbreaking legal case and possibly a valid precedent that could be cited elsewhere. This short clip summarizes the key part of the February 11 hearing. It is part of a much longer interview I aim to post soon. You can also listen to a lot of background on this case from an interview we did (Dafna joins in at 27:30) in May 2014.

One thought on “Update on Israel Wi-Fi Supreme Court Case

  1. few things that were not so good on this hearing is that the court refuse to judge about the science and to hear testimonies from EHS kids that suffer in the WIFI schools.

    The court try to limit it self to judge if the state did something which is illegal or if the state did something which is extremely unreasonable.

    Prof Sigal Sidesky, which is the the ministry of health consultant on the subject of EMF exposure, do not acknowledge EHS, used to be aginst WIFI in schools, but seems to have changed here mind and not is pro WIFI.

    Prof Stilian Gelbeg, the head of radiation and noise field in the ministry of environment protection, acknowladge EHS and was against WIFI in schools all along the way. But, on the other hand, he support a RF exposure standard that is based on the ICNIRP thermal standard or (100uW/cm2) and think that 5 or 10 uW/cm2 is not a high level. In addition the RF test protocol the he support is not capable of measuring WIFI, cell towers and other modern digital signals, using average over 6 minutes and showing only very strong signals.

    Now these 2 have to give affidavits to the court (for the second time) and it is not clear what will be in it. I think the state will find a “walk-around ” their opinions, so WIFI will not be stopped.

    We showed that the state laid, we showed that kids are suffering, we showed that there is lots of science that show health effect from wifi and other “low” level EMF source. We showed the court and the public the WIFI deployment will worsen the radiation exposure in class. No we have to wait for the state next move and for the court rolling.


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