Opium and the Stock Market, MH17 and Still Counting Votes


The United Nations released a report yesterday about opium production in Afghanistan, noting that the acreage under production reached a new record. The number of opium producing acres has tripled since 2002. Before the US invaded Afghanistan, there had never been even 100,000 acres in opium production, now the figure is 224,000 acres.

UN opium production afghanistan 94-14This chart shows the number of acres in Afghanistan in poppy production over the last 20 years. When I first saw it, I quickly thought of how well the stock market has been doing over the last 20 or so years, and specifically the past six. Why? Because I’ve read people smarter than me about this who have written about the connection between illegal drug money and Wall Street results.



dow jones 1994-2014Here is the chart showing the Dow Jones average from the same time frame as the UN opium one above. Similar shape and trending don’t you think?



RT reports on newly released radar data associated with the crash of MH17 in eastern Ukraine last July, which shows “one or two warplanes in the air close to the Malaysian airliner”. According to Sergey Melnichenko, CEO of Aviation Safety consultancy, there were multiple planes, almost certainly military jets. Just weeks ago, Der Speigel reported that Fred Westerbeke, the lead investigator with the Dutch National Prosecutors’ Office which has been looking at the crash, said his team is willing to consider that another plane shot down the Malaysian jet. Most theories thus far have focused on the idea of a ground-based attack on the plane. More


The count continues for Oregon Measure 92, which is still failing by around 5200 votes. The Oregon Secretary of State has taken the unprecedented move of releasing the list of voters whose ballots haven’t been counted due to signature issues. There are approximately 13,000 ballots in this pool and all of those voters should have already received a letter informing them of the problem. Voters have until next Tuesday the 18th to correct the problem by visiting their local county election office.

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