Oregon Measure 92 – Is It Over Yet?


Just before 5pm today, the Oregon Secretary of State updated their website, adding just over 20,000 votes since late Wednesday afternoon. Measure 92 still trails by about 10,000 8300 (5:18pm #) votes and there are approximately 40,000 still to count.

141107 5pm OR M92 votes

Advocates of the measure insist they aren’t defeated yet. Earlier this afternoon, The Oregonian published a story which opens:

“Plenty of Measure 92 supporters have questioned how The Oregonian could declare the GMO labeling measure defeated Wednesday morning when the vote is so close — 50.4 percent against, 49.6 percent in favor — and so many votes are yet to be counted.

The short answer is: math.

The newspaper can declare with confidence that voters have rejected Measure 92 because, with such a high percentage of votes counted, the 40,000 or so remaining votes are not enough to close the 10,500 votes that separate the pro and con votes tallied so far.”

Did you catch the switch they made there? This quote starts by talking about how The Oregonian called the election on Wednesday morning (10:21 am) when there were at least 70,000 and possibly 100,000 votes to count. But in the next paragraph they are talking about being able to “declare with confidence” the failure of the ballot measure since there are only “40,000 or so remaining votes” left uncounted, which is Friday evening data.

You can’t use Friday 5pm data, to explain what you did two days earlier. The rest of the article explains how what is now known, appears to that Measure 92 cannot mathematically achieve victory. The ‘Yes on 92’ campaign remains silent on the matter for now.

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