Nine real technologies that will soon be inside you


Originally posted Oct 21, 2014; 9:15 pm

If you’re like me, then the headline above disturbs you A LOT.

It belongs to an article which asserts that you’ll soon want to have your smartphone embedded inside your forearm, computer chips inside you to ‘heal you’ in various ways or function as birth control, not to mention the brain-computer interface you’ve undoubtedly been struggling all your life without. Who knows if any of this will come to pass as more and more people are realizing that the radiation which runs a lot of this technology isn’t safe.

The only things I need to put in me are food, water and very occasionally a little ‘medicine,’ which is pretty much just foods (garlic, ginger, peppers, elderberry syrup) and herbs in my case.

The language of ‘inevitability’ regarding all this technology is a problem, because we do have the option to not participate in it, right? Right?

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