Cupertino, We Have A Problem


You’re going to see a lot of content in here regarding the dangers of radio frequency radiation, the stuff that allows all of your wireless devices (not I don’t have any) to function. This radiation is considered a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization after a near unanimous vote of its International Agency for Research on Cancer. There’s a huge amount of research demonstrating serious concern about these frequencies, mostly in the microwave band.electromagnetic spectrum

Last week I saw this great article, vwhich is really just an open letter to the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. It is very well written and sourced and is a great summary of the major concerns that I believe every parent would have if they knew a little more about the issue and risks.

It’s worth reading, especially if you have (grand)children who use a cell phone, wifi or tablet at home or school, or who have parents who do. Children are disproportionately at risk from exposure to this radiation and smart phones use way more radiation than older flip phones and tablets use WAY more than smart phones.

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