Can’t recall agreeing with Hillary before


Originally posted Oct 22, 2014; 11:45 pm

I also wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it didn’t happen again for quite a long time. But I just saw this very eye-grabbing headline.

Hillary Clinton says no iPads for Babies

I couldn’t believe it, but then I read the article and saw that Hillary didn’t say one word about

Caution. Danger.
Caution. Danger.

radiation. Nothing about the dangers to children, infants and the unborn, from close range exposure to microwave radiation, even for just 30 minutes according to the FCC (p.15).

Her (and Chelsea’s) focus is on increasing “actual parent-child interactions like talking, reading and singing” especially before the age of two, which is a great idea. Parents continuing to do it after two years old would be even better. Reading is extremely important, but so is keeping powerful microwave transmitters away from children.

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